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Hello world!  As they say in computer-land; or in this case, hello again.  My Data Anywhere was first launched as a cloud storage service in 2012 which in technology years is about a century ago.  Originally we had aimed to provide our own enterprise level cloud services to SME’s but the vast improvements in Dropbox, OneDrive and the onward march of Google and Amazon’s cloud offerings made it fairly pointless trying to compete on an infrastructure level.  So we stopped.

We continued to provide consultancy services to SME’s on cloud services with a particular focus on simple solutions for professionals and small businesses in the UK.  Largely this involves setting up third-party products such as Office 365 and Dropbox together with assisting in enhancing online offerings to leverage the power of cloud computing.  The solutions we have provided are the kind of thing that “real programmers” would no doubt consider very simplistic but they have assisted many small enterprises in taking their first steps into virtualising some of their services.  On that basis, we thought some of this information might be useful to others so maybe it was time to dust off the silver in The Cloud Fortress.

Rather than letting MyDataAnywhere.com disappear without a trace, we thought we should repurpose it.  So here we are again except this time there’s no service, just a swanky new blog where we hope to bring you some helpful tips on how you might be able to utilise cloud services in your business.